Heritage is a leading International provider of Health, Safety and Environmental training to the Middle East market & India. All our consultants and trainers are members of Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Our Mission

Delivering Safety awareness programmes across the GCC countries in order to educate and share current safety professional standards, trends, best practices and efficient operational procedures. Promote Excellence in occupational safety and health education to improve performance and thereby make our industries a safer and healthier place to work with. And also adopt sound research for curriculum development for safety education.

Our Vision

Our vision is to remain as the internationally recognized Health & Safety Institute, in order to contribute nation’s health and safety by encouraging employers to empower workers and employees to continually improve and maintain the health and safety at the workplace.

Our Values

We demand the highest ethics and integrity from our professionals. We operate using sound scientific principles. We respect and care for each other. We promote personal and professional growth and foster innovation and creativity. We demonstrate social and environmental responsibility. And finally, we are committed to winning and being the best.

Unquestionable Expertise

Heritage has qualified & experienced trainers and consultants working in International markets. These include chartered Health and Safety Practitioners, dedicated trainers, former Government Health, Safety and Environmental inspectors, scientists and skilled technicians.

Flexible Solutions

Heritage will work closely with you to understand your organizational training needs allowing us to deliver tailored training and consultancy services Contact us for more information